Earthquake with magnitude of ML 3.1 on date 15-10-2010 and time 23:33:37 (UTC) in region Golfo di Policastro (Salerno, Potenza)

A magnitude ML 3.1 earthquake occured in region: Golfo di Policastro (Salerno, Potenza), on

  • 15-10-2010 23:33:37 (UTC)
  • 16-10-2010 01:33:37 (UTC +02:00) Italian time

and geographic coordinates (lat, lon) 39.97, 15.47 at 288 km depth.

The earthquake was located by: Bollettino Sismico Italiano INGV.

Search earthquakes: Any within 30 km radius

The values of hypocentral coordinates and magnitude may be revised at a later time as more information becomes available.

Municipalities within 20 km from the epicenter

Distances are determinated based on the geographic coordintes of the (Istat).
Municipality Region Dist Inh Cum Inh
San Giovanni a Piro SA 9 3780 3780
Camerota SA 11 6985 10765
Ispani SA 15 1026 11791
Celle di Bulgheria SA 15 1922 13713
Roccagloriosa SA 16 1722 15435
Santa Marina SA 16 3243 18678
Vibonati SA 18 3293 21971
Centola SA 18 5168 27139
Sapri SA 18 6770 33909
Torre Orsaia SA 18 2118 36027

Municipalities with at least 50000 inhabitants

An earthquake occurred to
80 Km SW of Potenza (67122 inhabitants)
82 Km SE of Battipaglia (50786 inhabitants)
99 Km SE of Salerno (135261 inhabitants)
Recent and historical Seismicity

These maps show the seismicity for different time windows. The earthquake locations reported in these maps are determined in quasi real-time by the personnel on duty in the seismic surveillance center of INGV in Rome. Note that the earthquake source parameters (hypocentral location and magnitude) are the best estimates obstained with the available data and they are adjourned as additional data become available. The source parameters obtained by the personnel on duty are then revised by the group in charge of the INGV Seismic Bulletin (Bollettino Sismico Italiano dell’INGV).

Earthquakes of the last three days (72 hours)

Earthquakes of the last three days (72 hours)

This map reports the earthquake epicenters located in the past 72 hours (3 days) from the time this page has been generated. The radius of the circle representing the earthquake on the map scales with magnitude. The color depends on the time of occurrence of the earthquakes with respect to the time of generation of the map (red = 1 hour; orange = 24 hours; yellow = 72 hours). The open star shows the epicenter of the current earthquake.
Earthquakes of the last 90 days

Earthquakes of the last 90 days

This map reports the Magnitudo ≥ 1.0 earthquake epicenters located using the data acquired by the Italian National Seismic Network and by other collaborating networks in Italy and in the neighbouring countries. The radii of the circles representing the epicenters on the map scale with magnitude. The color of each circle depends on the time of occurrence of the earthquakes with respect to the time of generation of the map (red = 1 hour; orange = 24 hours; yellow = 72 hours; blue = all other earthquakes). The open star shows the epicenter of the current earthquake.
Earthquakes since 1985

Earthquakes since 1985

This map reports the Magnitudo ≥ 2.5 earthquake epicenters located using the data acquired by the Italian National Seismic Network and by other collaborating networks in Italy and in the neighbouring countries. The radii of the circles representing the epicenters on the map scale with magnitude. The color of each circle depends on the time of occurrence of the earthquakes with respect to the time of generation of the map (red = 1 hour; orange = 24 hours; yellow = 72 hours; blue = all other earthquakes). The open star shows the epicenter of the current earthquake.
Significant earthquakes since 1000 AD until 2006

Significant earthquakes since 1000 AD until 2006

This map shows the epicenters of the historical earthquakes catalogue CPT11 (Catalogo Parametrico dei Terremoti Italiani, 2011 version) with estimated magnitude ≥ 5.0 since 1000 AD until 2006. The epicenters are represented by squares which sides scale with the estimated earthquake magnitude. For earthquakes with magnitude ≥ 6.0, it is also shown the year of occurrence and the magnitude value. The open star shows the epicenter of the current earthquake.
Seismic hazard

Seismic hazard maps provide probabilistic estimates of the earthquake ground shaking exceeding a given threshold in a given geographic region within a given time window. Thus, it is not a deterministic prediction - a target that may be never reached given the complexity of the earthquake physical phenomenon - nor of the maximum expected earthquake since this has extremely low probabilities to occur.

In 2004, it was published the seismic hazard map of Italy ( that provides a picture of the most hazardous geographic regions. The seismic hazard map of Italy (GdL MPS, 2004; rif. Ordinanza PCM del 28 aprile 2006, n. 3519, All. 1b) provides the 10% probability of exceedance in 50 years of the horizontal acceleration at rock sites (i.e., Vs30>800 m/s; cat. A, 3.2.1 of the D.M. 14.09.2005).

The colours indicate the various values of the ground acceleration that have 10% to be exceeded within 50 years. In general, the colours associated to low values of acceleration refer to areas that are less hazardous and stronger earthquakes repeat less frequently although they may still occur.

Seismic hazard map

Seismic hazard map

This map shows the seismic hazard map of Italy for the region where the earthquake occurred.

These three maps show the results of the analysis using the software ShakeMap designed to provide the level of ground shaking experienced in a region using the data recorded by seismometers and strong motion instruments and seismological information regarding the attenuation of the wavefield with distance and the site characteristics. The Shakemaps are determined for research purposes to provide fast estimates of the level of ground shaking produced by the earthquake. The maps are calculated automatically and adjourned progressively as more data become available. See for additional information.

The red star indicates the epicenter. The red triangles show the stations of the INGV Italian National Seismic Network and the blue triangles those of the Nationa Accelerometric Network of the Dipartimento della Protezione Civile.

Intensity Shakemap

Intensity Shakemap

This map shows the distribution of the istrumentally derived intensities. To this purpose, it is used a conversion relation between ground acceleration and velocity, and the Mercalli Modificata (MMI - Modified Mercalli Intensity) scale. In general, the Mercalli intensity scale relies on the effects that the ground shaking produces as reported by an observer.
Peak ground acceleration Shakemap

Peak ground acceleration Shakemap

This map shows This map shows the distribution of peak ground acceleration expressed as per cent of the acceleration of gravity (i.e., g = 9.81 m/s²).
Peak velocity Shakemap

Peak velocity Shakemap

This map shows the distribution of peak ground velocities expressed in cm/s.
Felt maps
The earthquake effects in MCS scale as obtained from the compiled questionnaire

The earthquake effects in MCS scale as obtained from the compiled questionnaire

This map shows the distribution of the effects of the earthquake on the territory in terms of the MCS (Mercalli-Cancani-Sieberg) intensity scale. The intensities are determined using the data provided in the questionnaire ( that are analysed using robust statistical techniques since they are not verified individually. Specifically, the assignment of MCS intensities greater or equal the VI degree of the MCS scale require opportune in situ verification by professional experts. The purple start shows the epicenter. This map is prepared every so often that the population fill in new questionnaires. The number of questionnaires used to determine the map and the date and time of the last adjournment are shown in the upper right part of the panel.
Locations history
Type Magnitude Date and Time (UTC) Latitude Longitude Depth (km) Published time (UTC) Author Location ID
Rev 1000 ML 3.1 2010-10-15
39.97 15.47 288 2014-10-21
Bollettino Sismico Italiano INGV 1128709
Preferred location and magnitude until now.
Origin information


Field Value
Time (UTC) 2010-10-15 23:33:37 ± 0.28
Latitude 39.97 ± 0.01
Longitude 15.47 ± 0.03
Depth (km) 288 ± 2 (from location)
Evaluation mode of Origin manual
Evaluation status of Origin reviewed
Version 1000 -> BULLETIN-SISPICK
Event type earthquake
Origin ID 1128709


Field Value
Preferred uncertainty description uncertainty ellipse
Semi-major axis of confidence ellipse (meter) 1944
Semi-minor axis of confidence ellipse (meter) 1150
Azimuth of major axis of confidence ellipse. Measured clockwise from South-North direction at epicenter (gradi) 89
Circular confidence region, given by single value of horizontal uncertainty (meter) 2594.2
Confidence level of the uncertainty (%) 68


Field Value
Largest azimuthal gap in station distribution as seen from epicenter (degree) 106
Number of associated phases, regardless of their use for origin computation 57
Number of defining phases 48
RMS of the travel time residuals of the arrivals used for the origin computation (sec) 0.55
Epicentral distance of station closest to the epicenter (degree) 0
Epicentral distance of station farthest from the epicenter (degree) 3.01992
Number of stations at which the event was observed 49
Number of stations from which data was used for origin computation 41
Magnitude information


Field Value
Value 3.1
Uncertainty 0.3
Num. used stations
Type of magnitude ML
Reference to an origin 1128709
Agency INGV
Autore Bollettino Sismico Italiano INGV
Time of creation (UTC) 2013-01-05 21:54:06
Picking and Arrival
SCNL Time Uncertainty Polarity Evaluation_mode Phase Azimuth Distance Takeoff_angle Residual Weight
GU.STV.HHE. 2010-10-15T23:35:13.26 10.0 undecidable manual Pn 0 0 0
IV.ATVO.HHZ. 2010-10-15T23:34:57.99 10.0 undecidable manual Pn 0 0 0
MN.BLY.HHN. 2010-10-15T23:34:55.97 10.0 undecidable manual Sn 0 0 0
IV.MSRU.HHN. 2010-10-15T23:34:54.60 0.3 undecidable manual Sg 179 1.7042 -0.096 53
IV.NOCI.HHZ. 2010-10-15T23:34:51.28 0.3 undecidable manual Sg 55 1.4623 -0.313 57
MN.TIP.HHZ. 2010-10-15T23:34:49.60 0.6 undecidable manual Sg 128 1.2662 0.261 42
IV.SERS.HHZ. 2010-10-15T23:34:49.86 0.6 undecidable manual Sg 134 1.322 -0.099 42
IV.AMUR.HHZ. 2010-10-15T23:34:48.90 0.3 undecidable manual Sg 42 1.2725 -0.51 59
MN.BLY.HHN. 2010-10-15T23:34:46.15 10.0 undecidable manual Pn 0 0 0
IV.PIEI.HHE. 2010-10-15T23:34:46.41 10.0 undecidable manual Pn 0 0 0
IV.CAR1.HHZ. 2010-10-15T23:34:45.58 0.6 undecidable manual Sg 141 0.9137 -0.396 44
IV.SALB.HHZ. 2010-10-15T23:34:44.94 0.6 undecidable manual Sg 98 0.6754 0.687 43
IV.STR3.BHN. 2010-10-15T23:34:43.09 10.0 undecidable manual Pg 0 0 0
MN.CLTB.HHZ. 2010-10-15T23:34:34.54 0.3 undecidable manual Pg 217 2.9669 0.703 17
IV.HAVL.HHN. 2010-10-15T23:34:33.41 0.3 undecidable manual Pg 185 3.0199 -1.001 15
IV.FIAM.HHZ. 2010-10-15T23:34:33.18 10.0 undecidable manual Pg 0 0 0
IV.HVZN.HHE. 2010-10-15T23:34:32.36 0.6 undecidable manual Pg 192 2.8509 -0.258 14
IV.FAGN.HHZ. 2010-10-15T23:34:31.07 0.6 undecidable manual Pg 329 2.7007 0.013 14
IV.RESU.HHN. 2010-10-15T23:34:31.22 0.3 undecidable manual Pg 206 2.5694 1.48 14
IV.HLNI.HHZ. 2010-10-15T23:34:29.80 0.3 undecidable manual Pg 190 2.6602 -0.857 18
IV.CAGR.HHN. 2010-10-15T23:34:29.94 0.3 undecidable manual Pg 198 2.465 1.23 19
IV.PTQR.SHZ. 2010-10-15T23:34:29.64 0.3 undecidable manual Pg 323 2.5793 -0.195 25
IV.ALJA.HHZ. 2010-10-15T23:34:29.82 0.6 undecidable manual Pg 212 2.5909 -0.132 17
IV.MMME.HHE. 2010-10-15T23:34:25.05 0.3 undecidable manual Pg 185 2.0397 0.291 40
IV.POFI.HHZ. 2010-10-15T23:34:25.62 0.3 undecidable manual Pg 323 2.197 -0.548 34
IV.MPAZ.HHZ. 2010-10-15T23:34:24.38 0.3 undecidable manual Pg 168 2.0567 -0.525 38
IV.NOV.HHZ. 2010-10-15T23:34:24.15 0.3 undecidable manual Pg 0 0 0
IV.SDI.SHZ. 2010-10-15T23:34:24.97 0.3 undecidable manual Pg 325 2.1467 -0.737 33
IV.MTTG.HHZ. 2010-10-15T23:34:24.05 0.3 undecidable manual Pg 175 1.9722 -0.126 44
IV.MESG.HHE. 2010-10-15T23:34:23.96 0.3 undecidable manual Pg 70 1.9156 0.273 45
IV.MIDA.HHE. 2010-10-15T23:34:23.82 0.3 undecidable manual Pg 332 1.9093 0.187 45
IV.SOI.EHN. 2010-10-15T23:34:23.28 0.3 undecidable manual Pg 166 1.9479 -0.678 38
IV.MILZ.HHE. 2010-10-15T23:34:22.25 0.3 undecidable manual Pg 186 1.7069 0.26 51
IV.SGG.HHZ. 2010-10-15T23:34:21.41 0.3 undecidable manual Pg 330 1.6413 -0.078 56
IV.MSCL.HHN. 2010-10-15T23:34:21.40 0.3 undecidable manual Pg 172 1.7537 -0.957 39
IV.PLAC.HHZ. 2010-10-15T23:34:21.52 0.3 undecidable manual Pg 153 1.6925 -0.355 50
IV.MSRU.HHN. 2010-10-15T23:34:20.96 0.3 undecidable manual Pg 179 1.7042 -1.008 39
IV.NOCI.HHZ. 2010-10-15T23:34:20.18 0.1 positive manual Pg 55 1.4623 0.002 81
IV.GRI.EHZ. 2010-10-15T23:34:19.62 0.6 undecidable manual Pg 147 1.3598 0.139 42
IV.JOPP.HHE. 2010-10-15T23:34:19.93 0.3 undecidable manual Pg 167 1.3984 0.194 61
MN.TIP.HHZ. 2010-10-15T23:34:19.10 0.3 undecidable manual Pg 128 1.2662 0.226 64
IV.LADO.HHN. 2010-10-15T23:34:19.64 0.1 undecidable manual Pg 120 1.3463 0.249 83
IV.SERS.HHZ. 2010-10-15T23:34:19.46 0.1 negative manual Pg 134 1.322 0.228 84
IV.AMUR.HHZ. 2010-10-15T23:34:18.60 0.3 undecidable manual Pg 42 1.2725 -0.314 62
IV.PIPA.HHN. 2010-10-15T23:34:18.46 0.3 undecidable manual Pg 115 1.1394 0.343 64
GE.MATE.HHZ. 2010-10-15T23:34:17.96 0.3 undecidable manual Pg 54 1.1583 -0.266 64
IV.SALB.HHZ. 2010-10-15T23:34:16.22 0.1 undecidable manual Pg 98 0.6754 0.282 96
IV.ORI.HHZ. 2010-10-15T23:34:16.80 0.3 undecidable manual Pg 83 0.7527 0.567 66
IV.CAR1.HHZ. 2010-10-15T23:34:16.48 0.3 undecidable manual Pg 141 0.9137 -0.456 65
IV.MCEL.HHZ. 2010-10-15T23:34:16.01 0.3 undecidable manual Pg 35 0.4353 0.787 64
IV.MCRV.HHZ. 2010-10-15T23:34:16.60 0.3 undecidable manual Pg 344 0.8454 -0.018 73
IV.SGO.SHZ. 2010-10-15T23:34:15.81 0.1 negative manual Pg 348 0.6043 0.118 100
IV.SLCN.HHZ. 2010-10-15T23:34:15.34 0.3 undecidable manual Pg 16 0.438 0.117 78
IV.MMN.HHZ. 2010-10-15T23:34:15.20 0.3 undecidable manual Pg 101 0.4038 0.054 79
IV.BULG.HHN. 2010-10-15T23:34:14.79 0.3 undecidable manual Pg 326 0.1313 0.039 84
IV.MTGR.SHZ. 2010-10-15T23:34:13.11 10.0 undecidable manual Pg 0 0 0
IV.CDCA.EHE. 2010-10-15T23:33:47.95 10.0 undecidable manual Pg 0 0 0
Station Magnitude and Amplitude
SCNL mag Generic_amplitude Period Type Category Unit Time_window_reference
IV.SALB.HHN. ML:2.9 7.5E-5 0.38 AML other m 2010-10-15T23:34:16.22
IV.SALB.HHE. ML:2.9 0.000125 1.3 AML other m 2010-10-15T23:34:16.22
IV.CAR1.HHN. ML:3.2 0.000155 0.44 AML other m 2010-10-15T23:34:16.48
IV.CAR1.HHE. ML:3.2 0.000245 0.98 AML other m 2010-10-15T23:34:16.48
IV.ORI.HHN. ML:3.1 0.00015 0.42 AML other m 2010-10-15T23:34:16.80
IV.ORI.HHE. ML:3.1 0.000175 0.7 AML other m 2010-10-15T23:34:16.80
GE.MATE.HHN. ML:3.1 0.000135 0.46 AML other m 2010-10-15T23:34:17.96
GE.MATE.HHE. ML:3.1 0.00014 0.66 AML other m 2010-10-15T23:34:17.96
IV.PIPA.HHN. ML:3.1 0.000135 0.4 AML other m 2010-10-15T23:34:18.46
IV.PIPA.HHE. ML:3.1 0.000155 0.26 AML other m 2010-10-15T23:34:18.46
IV.AMUR.HHN. ML:2.9 8.5E-5 0.72 AML other m 2010-10-15T23:34:18.60
IV.AMUR.HHE. ML:2.9 9.0E-5 1 AML other m 2010-10-15T23:34:18.60
MN.TIP.HHN. ML:2.8 5.0E-5 0.82 AML other m 2010-10-15T23:34:19.10
MN.TIP.HHE. ML:2.8 7.0E-5 0.46 AML other m 2010-10-15T23:34:19.10
IV.SERS.HHN. ML:3 0.000115 0.42 AML other m 2010-10-15T23:34:19.46
IV.SERS.HHE. ML:3 0.000115 0.28 AML other m 2010-10-15T23:34:19.46
IV.GRI.EHN. ML:3.3 0.000215 0.32 AML other m 2010-10-15T23:34:19.62
IV.GRI.EHE. ML:3.3 0.00022 31.08 AML other m 2010-10-15T23:34:19.62
IV.JOPP.HHN. ML:3.1 0.0001 0.32 AML other m 2010-10-15T23:34:19.93
IV.JOPP.HHE. ML:3.1 0.00013 0.2 AML other m 2010-10-15T23:34:19.93
IV.NOCI.HHN. ML:3.1 0.00011 0.58 AML other m 2010-10-15T23:34:20.18
IV.NOCI.HHE. ML:3.1 0.00015 0.7 AML other m 2010-10-15T23:34:20.18
IV.SGG.HHN. ML:2.7 5.0E-5 0.5 AML other m 2010-10-15T23:34:21.41
IV.SGG.HHE. ML:2.7 5.5E-5 0.6 AML other m 2010-10-15T23:34:21.41
IV.PLAC.HHN. ML:3.2 0.000145 0.5 AML other m 2010-10-15T23:34:21.52
IV.SOI.EHN. ML:3.1 0.0001 0.56 AML other m 2010-10-15T23:34:23.28
IV.SOI.EHE. ML:3.1 0.000115 0.52 AML other m 2010-10-15T23:34:23.28
IV.MIDA.HHN. ML:2.7 3.5E-5 3.22 AML other m 2010-10-15T23:34:23.82
IV.MIDA.HHE. ML:2.7 5.0E-5 0.7 AML other m 2010-10-15T23:34:23.82
IV.NOV.HHN. ML:0 0.00055 0.8 AML other m 2010-10-15T23:34:24.15
IV.NOV.HHE. ML:0 0.000385 0.74 AML other m 2010-10-15T23:34:24.15
IV.MPAZ.HHN. ML:3.5 0.00025 0.4 AML other m 2010-10-15T23:34:24.38
IV.MPAZ.HHE. ML:3.5 0.00018 0.62 AML other m 2010-10-15T23:34:24.38
IV.SDI.SHZ. ML:0 3.0E-5 0.56 AML other m 2010-10-15T23:34:24.97
IV.POFI.HHN. ML:2.6 3.0E-5 1.38 AML other m 2010-10-15T23:34:25.62
IV.POFI.HHE. ML:2.6 3.5E-5 1.7 AML other m 2010-10-15T23:34:25.62
IV.PTQR.SHZ. ML:0 1.5E-5 0.72 AML other m 2010-10-15T23:34:29.64
IV.HLNI.HHN. ML:3 4.5E-5 0.86 AML other m 2010-10-15T23:34:29.80
IV.HLNI.HHE. ML:3 6.0E-5 0.76 AML other m 2010-10-15T23:34:29.80
IV.ALJA.HHN. ML:3.1 6.5E-5 1.76 AML other m 2010-10-15T23:34:29.82
IV.ALJA.HHE. ML:3.1 6.5E-5 0.84 AML other m 2010-10-15T23:34:29.82
IV.CAGR.HHN. ML:3.5 0.00012 0.5 AML other m 2010-10-15T23:34:29.94
IV.CAGR.HHE. ML:3.5 0.00027 0.96 AML other m 2010-10-15T23:34:29.94
IV.FAGN.HHN. ML:2.9 4.0E-5 1.44 AML other m 2010-10-15T23:34:31.07
IV.FAGN.HHE. ML:2.9 4.0E-5 0.62 AML other m 2010-10-15T23:34:31.07
IV.HVZN.HHN. ML:3.5 0.00016 1.12 AML other m 2010-10-15T23:34:32.36
IV.HVZN.HHE. ML:3.5 0.000175 0.92 AML other m 2010-10-15T23:34:32.36
IV.FIAM.HHN. ML:0 2.5E-5 2.02 AML other m 2010-10-15T23:34:33.18
IV.FIAM.HHE. ML:0 2.5E-5 1.08 AML other m 2010-10-15T23:34:33.18
MN.CLTB.HHN. ML:3.4 0.000135 0.62 AML other m 2010-10-15T23:34:34.54
MN.CLTB.HHE. ML:3.4 6.5E-5 1.5 AML other m 2010-10-15T23:34:34.54
TDMT - Time Domain Moment Tensor
Focal Mechanism in the area
Focal Mechanisms

Focal Mechanisms

This map reports the focal mechanisms since 1977 in the region. The white and red beach ball symbols are mechanisms determined using the Regional Centroid Moment Tensor (RCMT, and are determined for earthquakes with magnitude larger than 4.5 in the Euro-Mediterranenan area. Occasionally, when there is a good source-receiver geometry of the target earthquake, the RCMT can be obtained also for earthquakes with magnitude larger than 4.0. The blue and white beach ball symbols indicate the mechanisms obtained from application of the Time Domain Moment Tensor (TDMT, This technique is used for M ≥ 3.5. The size of the beach ball sysmbol scales with the calculated moment magnitude, Mw.
Type Description Link
QuakeML - small Event, Origin, FocalMechanism Download
QuakeML - full Event, Origin, FocalMechanism, Amplitude, Arrival, Pick, Station Magnitude Download
Waveforms Seismic signals in full SEED format Download