Rete Sismica AC Albanian Seismic Network

DOI: 10.7914/SN/AC
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Institute of Geosciences, Energy, Water and Environment. (2002). Albanian Seismological Network [Data set]. International Federation of Digital Seismograph Networks.


The Albanian Seismological Network consist of seven weak-motion broadband (BB) stations and 16 strong-motion ones sited on bedrock and soft soils. Data transmission, to the main processing Center at IGEWE in Tirana, is achieved in real time through VSAT-telemetry and Radio-link. Two processing ways are available: automatic processing based on SeiscomP3 system and the offline processing based on Atlas Data Acquisition and Processing Software (Nanometrics - Apollo System). The main tasks of AC are, local and regional earthquake recording, data cataloging and event information dissemination to the Authorities, data archiving and cataloging , seismological research and local and regional studies based on relevant projects, scientific data exchange and scientific collaboration with European and Global seismological institutions.