Rete Sismica RD CEA/DASE Seismic Network, France

DOI: 10.15778/RESIF.RD
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Data Inizio: 1980-01-01T00:00:00
Data Fine: --
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RESIF. (2018). CEA/DASE broad-band permanent network in metropolitan France [Data set]. RESIF - Réseau Sismologique et géodésique Français.


The CEA/DASE broad-band permanent network in metropolitan France is part of the operational services of the CEA dedicated to the monitoring of seismicity in metropolitan France. Since 2006, six sites have been used, corresponding to twelve station names (2 per station) due to change of station names. The six stations are included in the French national Broadband network and data from all stations is openly distributed through the RESIF datacenter.

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ORIF Oris en Rattier, France 19-06-2013
PGF Pioggiola, Corse 19-06-2013